17. December 2017
December might be the busiest month i had this year, tons of test, exams, homework etc... With all the school work to do, I barely had the chance to get into the spirit for christmas, now here i am December 17th, switching back and forth between studying maths and art history. Christmas has always been my favourite time of the year and to get a little more into the mood i decided to take a break from studying and create a moodboard... (PS: I have a whole outfit-inspo blog post in progress at...

11. November 2017
Let's be real, packing is hard.

20. August 2017
hi loves! todays post is an other outfit ideas post since I happened to like creating these a lot (as you can tell). Most of these outfits/ all of them are inspired by 90s and vintage fashion in general. Hope you enjoy and get bits of inspiration from this post! xxLisa

10. August 2017
Hi loves! I recently went on a trip to London! And since I absolutely love street-photography I decided to share a few photographs i took on here! Basically this is like a photo album enjoy...

02. August 2017
Hi loves!Today's blogpost is a moodboard since I love creating these and instagram won't let me lock into my moodboard account... (what so ever you can follow it here )

31. July 2017
Hi loves! Since summer break is already halfway over and I'm kind of excited for school(yes!) I decided to put together a few back to school inspired outfits. I'm honestly not planning on putting any effort into my outfits on a daily basis, but it's always good to have inspiration right?!

25. July 2017
why give up? why not believe in yourself? your dreams. are what you’re alive for. why should you live just a slightly different way than you’d like to? don’t be scared to fail just keep fighting, you’ll make it, someday you’ll get there! i dream big, i am a dreamer! maybe someday i’ll fall i’ll fail but that doesn’t matter i’ll get up and try harder. i’m not scared of my dreams, my dreams are who i am. they define how i act how i decide, they are what i’ll be one day....

19. July 2017
Hi loves! Todays post is about a topic I've never talked on here before, home. Since I currently planning on redoing and decluttering my room a bit I decided to make a whole blogpost for inspiration! I always love to use my summer-break to make my room a bit nicer...

15. July 2017
Hi loves! Today's post is on a lookbook I did on my yob-channel just recently! I'll basically be writing down a few outfit details. Since most of the stuff i wore was thrifted or gifted (that rimes) to me, I'm wasn't able to link the exact items below, but for similar items I'd recommend checking out ASOSmarketplace...

08. July 2017
Hi loves! I decided to do a little inspiration/life kind of post today. Although I'm all basically still a kid, there're already quite a few things I've learned so far.

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