My trip to Amsterdam

When I was younger I never really thought of traveling the world, but then I flew to Paris last year and ever since then I´ve been dying to travel somewhere. Almost a year later, May 2016, I actually got to go to Amsterdam with my aunt, which I´m so thankful for... 

We stayed in the tiniest hotel room you could imagine but we had such a gorgeous view of the city...

However we spent all 3 days scrolling around town, visiting art-galleries and we even went to see a movie in Amsterdam´s most famous cinema. 

My favorite part of our trip was walking through cute little streets as the sun went down, soooo beautiful! Also it was really nice to see how happy and friendly people in Amsterdam are... Wherever we went everybody (well almost) was smiling at us, which totally inspired me to treat others the best I can! 

(even if it get´s hard sometimes)

I really enjoyed my time in Amsterdam and I´d love to come back someday...

(P.s: Remember to smile and focus on the bright side of life!)


Love Lisa<3

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    Katrin (Saturday, 15 October 2016 11:21)

    Love it!!!!