I never really thought of Vienna as a beautiful city before, but then I moved there and discovered I was totally wrong....

I´m definitely obsessed with the old beautiful buildings... And if you look closer you´ll probably see plants in nearly every window.  


An other thing I learned to love about Vienna is that even thought it is quite a big city, there´re still a lot of trees, parks and plants in general. Even though I´m a city-typ of person I like having some ´nature´ around me.


What I discovered back in summer was that these (picture above) kind of flowers can be found in a lot of places in the 3rd district. Also they look like fairies planted them to me which makes them even cuter. 

Of course I can´t forget about all the beautiful castles and palaces...The one above is the Belvedere palace.

Now as I´m writing this I don´t really know how I never saw the beauty of Vienna before but maybe I didn´t want so see it, maybe I wasn´t looking for it...


However I´m sorry for not uploading in a while, I was and am very busy with school. I´ll try my best to post more often... Thanks a lot for reading :)



Love Lisa

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    Katrin (Saturday, 05 November 2016 18:11)

    I absolutely agree! Vienna is a great city and I am glad I'm finally able to see it's beauty too!!!