50 things that make me happy

Hey lovelies!

Today I decided to do this tag I saw on Pinterest the other day, which will be basically me listing 50 things that make me happy (as the title says). I just thought it might be nice to read positive words and also you guys can get to know me a little better. :)

1.My family

2.My dog and my guinea-pig 

(They are the cutest)

3.Animals in general 

I just love love love love them, which probably is why I´ve been vegetarian for like 7 years now...

(At some point I wasn`t even able to eat the chocolate bunnies I used to get for Easter...)

4.My friends


6.Yummy food

(I don´t really like sweets or junk food but I´m always excited for every meal...)


I always liked preparing meals for me or my little sister...

8.My sister


10.Disney Movies

(especially Mulan,Tangled and The Beauty and the Beast...)

11.Doing my or other people´s hair

12.Doing other people´s make up

(I don´t like wearing a lot of make up but I like doing it....)


14.Going to the mall 

(Whenever I´m bored I go there, I just really enjoy looking through all those different items)


(My favorite meal of the day)


Ever since I can remember I have loved cats and I even wanted to be one myself...




They are just beautiful

20.Sunrises, aswell

21.Taking photographs

22.Editing them

(as long as my notebook doesn´t die..)


(Especially the Soy Vanilla Latte from Starbucks...)


(no school)

25.Going for a walk

(With my dog and dad, my mom etc...)

26.Going to Vintage and Secondhand shops

27.Eating lunch at a Asian restaurant

28.Long car rides

(It´s even better when we´re going somewhere special)

29.Having a lot to do

(I don´t know why...)

30.Listening and singing along to Christmas songs

31.Wrapping presents

32.Unwrapping presents :D

33.Decorating the Christmastree

34.And of course Christmas in general


(Kind of obvious....)


(Especially with friends)


Even though I don´t do it that often...

38.Rainy days

39.Picking Flowers 

40. Cinnamon

41.Decorating my room

42.Clean apartments

43.Getting good marks in school

44.Going to the grocery store

(Kind of weird but I just love buying food)

45. Expensive things

(It´s a huuuuge problem)

46.Ordering clothes online

(This is kind of a problem as well...)

47.Daydreaming about visiting other cities

(Traveling in your mind doesn´t cost anything)

48.Giving presents to people I love

49.Reading nice comments under my blogposts

50.Great Memories

And done... When I started writing this I actually was thinking I wouldn´t be able to do all 50 things and that I would have to change the title to "30 things that make me happy..." But I did it and I´m honestly kind of proud of myself... Anyways as I was writing I realized how many things there are to be happy about and I´m pretty sure everybody has at least 50 things that make them happy as well...

Hope you enjoyed reading...



Love Lisa<3

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  • #1

    Em (Sunday, 04 December 2016 17:35)

    Hey Lisa,
    I've enjoyed reading this blogpost. You did a good job. ;)
    And now you even have me excited about finding 50 happy things for me and writing them down. Maybe I'll send it to you then. :)
    Keep up your great work. You kind of inspire me. ❤
    Ps.: Never change!