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Hi lovelies!

I've finally decided to blog about beauty related things as well... And I'm really excited for it because lately I've really been getting into Make up again... So I teamed up with Katrin and we both did a little Make up look for you... They both have a little twist to them, they are definitely both not your basic everyday Make up... 

This whole look actually is really easy to do...I just did a thin eyeliner, a bit of mascara and a rosy eyeshadow for my eyes. To achieve this silver lip color I simply had on a nude colored liquid lipstick and put some white eyeshadow on top of it... Then I applied that same shadow above my cheek bones and on the tip of my nose as well. For the silver lines I just used a liquid eyeliner... Et voila...Done!

I really like how it looks like I'm wearing a basic Make up with just a spacey lipcolor from the front but when I turn my head there're are these silver stripes...

Of course I used vegan products for this look and I'll for sure do a vegan/cruelty free make up guide in the future (in case you guys are interested in it...)

There's nothing wrong with being different to others. Actually there's nothing better than being unique, even if everybody thinks you are crazy... I totally believe that the way you dress, you do your make up is a perfect way to represent your personality. Nobody is the same, has the same mindset and we all see the world through different eyes... Kind of obvious we don't always find the same things beautiful... But that's what makes our world so much more interesting!

So don't ever be afraid to be yourself! 

By the way the white spots in my hair are snowflakes....

I hope you enjoyed reading and got some inspiration!



Love Lisa<3

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    Sylvia (Saturday, 07 January 2017)

    Very craceful �