Some glowy inspiration

Hi lovelies!

Today I'm really excited to share this new format I recently came up with with you guys! It's basically like a mood-board...Just a big portion of inspiration for you... Including photographs, colours, a playlist and some quotes! I definitely enjoyed putting this together and I hope you like reading it as well... Let's get started! Shall we?

Some photographs...

Most of those pictures were taken on a walk I recently took with my mom.... The sun was slowly setting, I can't deny it was beautiful and I swear it looked even prettier in person... Sometimes I almost forget how gorgeous nature can be but thanks to magical sceneries like this I'm reminded of it's beauty again and again! Living in a big city during the week with all it's busy people (including me) I see on the streets, landscapes and sunsets like these sometimes nearly look unreal to me nowadays...


Some colours...

Since this post is definitely inspired by sunsets I decided to go for warm rosy and peachy colours mostly... I really am obsessed with each and every one! These kind of tones are the ones I go for a lot when it comes to fashion, decor, etc...

A (short) playlist

I also decided to include some music for you guys to listen to as well...It's mostly calm songs to match the whole mood of this post:


>"Star in you" by wanting

>"Love story" by Indila

>"Golden" by Ruth B

>"In my dreams" by Ruth B

>"Intro" by XX (classic...)

Some quotes...

"Collect moments not things..."


"Don't let your dreams be just dreams"


"Just look for the light"


"Everything has beauty...We just need to see it"


"Life is a story, make yours the best seller..."


"Nothing can dim the light that shines from within!"

Have a wonderful day/night!



Love Lisa<3

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    Em (Sunday, 22 January 2017 16:41)

    I absolutely love this new format. You could possibly do this every month. �� Just don't stop!

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    Katrin (Sunday, 22 January 2017 20:31)


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