a rainy day kind of look

Rainy days have to be one of my favourite things in this world...I just love how everything is dark and moody yet they seem much brighter and more positive to me. Maybe that's why I dream of moving to London someday, where there are lot's of rainy days. I can already see myself on my way to my next meeting walking through the wet streets and of course a cup of one coffee in one hand...Well at least that's how I imagine it to be like... XD But enough for me and my daydreams... When we shot this look the rain actually was a bit difficult to work with. Mud one the ground, wet hair, freezing etc... However through all those struggles we went while shooting I am excited to share these photographs with you!

I hope you enjoy reading/looking and definitely let me know what your dream city to live in is in the comments!



Love Lisa<3

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    Katrin (Wednesday, 08 February 2017 22:02)

    Gorgeous post!! The city I am dreaming to live one day probably has to be either San Francisco, New York or London as well:)