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Make up really seems to be a bland everyday thing theses days...We tend to just quickly slap it on in the morning maybe because we feel like it's a necessity to look pretty. Maybe we simple put it on without thinking, following our routines. To me this is kind of sad, make up really shouldn't be something that makes beauty, not just a mask to put on when we feel ugly. I believe it is or at least should be so much more than that... In my opinion it's supposed to enhance, to express your personality, to be art... I am honestly as well not a big fan of thick eyeliner, harshly filled in brows, contouring and all that stuff... I think make up should be as natural as possible, not hiding your features but then again I like to add some spark.... Hopefully you'll find some inspiration through this post...Enjoy reading dreamers....

Totally love working with glitter and pink tones. It looks polished yet it has some edge to it (don't know what it is though).... 

This look definitely is a bit edgier...It looks a little like a dark queen's everyday make up to me, which is kind of cool. Also can we just take a moment to appreciate how well my sisters hair colour goes with this?

Silver eyeliner has been one of my favourite things lately. You can actually barely see it, only if you look closely which again is really cool.

Again rosy tones... This time I've added a white shimmery eye shadow for a extra glowy look... I absolutely love doing this from time to time, it definitely helps with looking a bit more awake which can be quite useful during a exhausting school-week. 

An other cool thing to do with silver eyeliner is putting it underneath your eyebrows. This might sound weird at first but it actually looks pretty cool...Of course you could do this with different colours as well. I totally think this would look amazing with blue or yellow liner!

This is all I have to say for now:) These looks obviously are only eye ones, but I am thinking of making this a series. Maybe I'll do a post like this for lip-looks soon, we'll see...

Also a big thanks to my little sister for being my model!

I hope you enjoyed reading and got some inspiration! Have a lovely day/night! 



Love Lisa<3

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    Katrin (Tuesday, 21 February 2017 11:40)

    So beautiful!