Pretty winter

Hi lovelies!

Winter is definitely one of my favourite season...I just love the cold weather, the snow, the grey skies.... And since everything looks so beautiful to me, I am of course taking a lot of photos! I absolutely think that photography can help us with actually seeing the beauty that is around us in our daily lives...And with that being said I'll just share some of my recent photographs with you!

I absolutely love taking walks with my dog... Also I think it's kind of cool how she really blends in with nature, especially in Winter!

This was taken on a really pretty road I've been eyeing for years now... You can't imagine how happy I am my mom actually did agree to stop to take some pictures....

Flowers are my favourite...There are soo many different kinds of them, yet every single one is beautiful...A rose and a daisy look nothing a like but I can't really decide which one's prettier! Can you?

Just my TWO little sisters casually stalking people on the streets....

Lately I've really been getting into painting... So here is a recent one of mine. I originally wanted to paint the view we had from our apartment back in Paris.But after some time I got way to lazy to actually paint all those houses so it ended up looking a bit messy. However to me the process of painting is already beautiful... 

In fact beauty doesn't only show it's face in materialistic things, it can be found in many other places...Activities we love, actions we take to help others, big dreams etc.... I could continue this list with hundreds of things. If everybody had a list like this written I am pretty sure they would be nothing alike! We all have different opinions on what is pretty and what is not and I actually think this is beautiful itself...

Hope you enjoyed this short post... I actually have a bigger project coming soon which I am already excited to share with you guys...But for now I'll just wish you all a lovely week!



Love Lisa<3

(PS: Keep your eyes (and hearts) open for the beauty around you)

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    Em (Tuesday, 14 February 2017 20:37)

    You are such a beautiful soul, you know that?

  • #2

    Katrin (Tuesday, 21 February 2017 11:40)

    Gorgeous as always!!!!!!!