Unique, a word that comes to my mind a lot lately...I like to think of it as it as a more delicate word for being different. Which sometimes can be used as a rather negative way to describe a person, not for me though. But what exactly is unique and how is one unique? 

Attending a fashion school I obviously learn a lot about trends throughout history and nowadays as well. I often wonder why people of every decade look so much alike. Did they all simply dress the same? Do their makeup and hair the exact same way? Or did they just paint and photograph those who fitted into the beauty ideals of society? We certainly don't know but I believe that there always were people who liked to be different, liked the extraordinary. I can imagine people back then not being pleased about their unique contemporaries, not too surprising they kept them a secret...The thought of how many iconic, original and inspiring must be forgotten just makes me sad... These day luckily social rules aren't that strict as they used to be but being different still remains a struggle...

Something that I need to get of my chest first is that being fashionable (to me) is not about blindly following trends. It's about having a sense for colours, shapes and materials. About taking simple pieces and creating something totally new. I also believe that fashion is a way to express your personality and to make you feel your best! Of course the same thing goes for makeup and hairdos.

We obviously all have different personalities, so if clothes are a way to express yourself why have people always been dressing the same?

What I am trying to tell you is that there's no reason to pretend you like something just because everybody else does, don't wear something because it's a trend...just don't try to push away your inner self, your soul. You like pink fluffy tutus? Our maybe you feel your best in a long long black gown? Like doing your make up in the craziest colours? Then just go for it! Don't pretend to be somebody you are not instead appreciate who you are. 

Being unique is actually pretty easy in a world full of copies...But then again people like to judge... The more interesting you are the more likely they are going to judge you. Eventually throughout the years you'll learn to take it as a compliment but sadly there's a risk you' could break and become yet another copy. So please stay strong, stay yourself, stay unique! 

Hope you don't bother this post was a bit different...But I actually love writing down my thoughts and maybe I'm able to inspire someone through them... 



Love Lisa<3

(Note: Surround yourself with people who appreciate the lovely and unique human-being you are!)

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    Em (Tuesday, 07 March 2017 21:34)

    What you have written about all the inspirations that were unique and are now dead got me thinking. I guess, you are right. What do we really know about history and isn't the real truth of it always lost?
    I mean, of course there are events that even history can't deny but what about the souls that were unique? We don't anything from them, there you are right. Also I wonder now how I would have dressed in the 16th century or 17th...would I have been unique?
    However, the now only counts. I hope I'm being unique now but like you've said - it's quite easy. You have to follow your dreams and all the people you meet on your paths are either pretenders or your soulmates....

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    Katrin (Wednesday, 08 March 2017 07:18)

    I love this post! All of the photos are amazing and I love the message!!! I have never thought the way that being unique is both easy and also difficult in our society but I totally agree!!! Extremely inspirational!!