90's with a twist

Nothing screams 90s more to me than a bright coloured t-shirt and a pair of loose fitted jeans.... Usually I tend to dress in whites and blacks so wearing a bright red shirt actually took me a while to get used to. But I am definitely looking forward to start adding colours to my outfits, since spring just around the corner and it's much more fun as well! However this look was a bit inspired by 90s fashion but through pairing it with a trench coat I think I was able to twist things up a little. Also I tied a scarf around my neck to make the whole look even more interesting, this has been one of my latest obsessions... I am very proud to say that everything except the shoes and the coat, is "vintage"  or second hand...The scarf is out of my grandma's closet, the t-shirt is from my dad and the bag (which I've been adoring) is from my great-grandma. The jeans I am wearing are simply second-hand Levi ones I ordered off ASOS-marketplace. Sometimes I wish I could just travel or turn back time to the 90s. Movies, music, fashion and more just seem to have been much better back then...

What's your favourite "vintage" era? For me it really depends on the mood I am in...

Have a beautiful day dreamers! 


Love Lisa<3

pictures by: Katrin

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