A haul(Vintage-loves #1)

Hi lovelies!



I'm really excited to introduce this new series to you! It's basically all about Vintage and Second-hand clothing since I've been adoring both a lot lately. So I'm planning on doing maybe one or two posts a month for it, which will be hauls, lookbooks, outfits etc... Of course I'm starting with a haul first! (obviously)

The following items have been collected within the last few months mostly. Some (one....) have been bought at second-hand stores but most of them are old clothes out of my relatives closets... Browsing through the backs of other people's wardrobes has been my favourite thing to do lately...All kinds of interesting, unique pieces, they're for free plus it's a form of recycling so it's good for the environment as well! A win-win situation.

(I know some of these pieces are not exactly vintage but I usually use this word to describe both vintage and second-hand...)

Diesel T-shirt

Totally loving the 90s vibes about this t-shirt plus I really have been adoring red clothes lately...

out of my dad's closet

era: about late 90s-early 2000s

Ruffle blouse

I'm proud to say that this is beautiful blouse is now part of my quite big "white blouse collection"...Actually I think it might be my favourite one...

out of my grandma's closet

era: no idea XD

Pink Jacket

Totally loving the colour of this one, although I must admit I haven't really gotten to wear it yet.

out of my grandma's closet

era: probably 80s

oversized shirt

No words needed in my eyes this is just such a classic yet cool and effortless thing to wear.

out of my grandpa's closet

era:no idea

Levis jeans

I can't really describe how much I love and am excited about these since I've been looking for "mom-jeans" for a while before I found them... Also I'm totally already on the hunt for a similar pair...

off ASOSmarketplace


Little black dress

This is such a fashion-basic... Timeless, classic, elegant... I totally have a lot of cool looks for this one in my head and I think I might do a whole post on them soon!

out of my mom's closet

era: late 90s-early 2000s 

Brown jeans

I don't really know what to wear these with since they are a little bit too big for me...Still I'm definitely looking forward to styling them.

out of my uncle's closet (yep)

era:no idea

Cream purse

An absolute favourite of mine...

out of my great-grandma's closet

era:90s (doesn't look like it tho)


Last but not least my latest obsession... I just have been loving to wearing them with everything, everyday...

both out of my grandma's closet

era: no idea 

So these were the things I've collected recently. What's left to say now is that...

Clothes are made to be worn. At some point someone somewhere but a lot of effort into making them. It's sad to me that a lot of them are only worn once or twice and then end up...I've no idea where! So I really hope this post will be able to inspire some of you to consider old clothes and give them back some life, some sparkle!;) 




Love Lisa<3


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    Katrin (Sunday, 19 March 2017 09:07)

    Alreadz loving this series!!!