Spring 2017  fashion wish-list

Flowers are starting to bloom, days get longer again, the sun shines brighter everyday....No doubt spring is right around the corner! And since I am most excited for spring because of it's fashion (and flowers) this post will be just me sharing my current wish list with you guys!

But first I want to make clear that I'm a bit weird and I love browsing through expensive  online stores (net-a-porter etc...) and just screen-shot or save things I like. So by no means are these clothes I could afford buying anytime soon...Basically it's just me and my daydreams;)

These are a few of the things I could imagine wearing this spring...Even though I'm not actually going to buy the original pieces I'll definitely be on the lookout for similar cuts, patterns and colours in thrift stores and other ethical shops....Since I'm trying to avoid sweatshop made clothing as much as possible... 

I hope you enjoyed this short post...I'm thinking of making this a seasonal thing to do, since again I really enjoy making wish-lists:)



Love Lisa<3

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