Ever since I was little I was always told snowdrops are the first sign of spring...So whenever I spot one I get really excited! They are the first flowers to bloom and as you maybe know I absolutley love flowers! I have to be honest with you, when picking out this outfit I didn't really have the intention to make it snowdrop inspired it just kind of happened...And I only realised how much this look reminds me of the little flower when we found a huge field of them while shooting! However I definitely wanted to make this look as spring and flower related as possible from the beginning on. That's why I decided to wear this white blouse-like shirt with it's lace detailing... For pants I simply went for a pair of loose fitted black pants which to me kind of have an old-fashioned-spring vibe to them... Of course I added my beloved beige bag and my trench coat to make the look complete and so I won't freeze. I think it's kind of funny how I absolutely love fashion and style but prefer wearing simpler outfits... I guess going all out just isn't really for me, I feel much more comfortable in pants and a simple blouse.... Less is more seems to be a motto I can relate to a lot when it comes to fashion and make up!

Hope you enjoyed reading and got a bit of inspiration! :)



Love Lisa<3

Life has a lot of ups and downs to it, just like seasons... Sometimes you might feel like you're stuck in an endless Winter, cold, dark  and no way out. That's when you need to look for small signs of brighter days...Just like we look for snowdrops in March, sometimes they're hard to spot... But they are there and if we look carefully we'll see them. Maybe your Spring is waiting for you already and the only thing you need to do is find it...

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    Katrin (Sunday, 26 March 2017 20:38)

    Lovely post as always!!'