Like a pirate

"You look like a pirate!" was the first thing my sister said as I opened the door to my room on Sunday morning. "But a cool one though" she added quickly. While dressing up I totally didn't have the intentions to pull off a pirate-look, more like a classic vintage vibed kind of thing, well failed that one... But I actually accidentally created a pretty cool outfit... When picking out my clothes I decided to be as comfy as possible, so I picked up a pair of loose black pants, and a super soft and simple t-shirt. I really felt like wearing a belt that day though and soon found myself browsing through a bag of old clothes. Luckily I was able to actually fing one. That's when a 'I want to be comfy' look turned into a 'Hi I'm a pirate' look I guess... I also added a blue necklace and some sunglasses for accessories as well as I threw on a pair of brown boots and of course my straw bag... I must say I totally am loving the vibes of this look. And wearing this outfit made me feel a lot more sassy than I actually am. A fun effect of fashion, it really can make you feel a certain way... I hope you enjoy this post and are getting a bit of inspiration!



Love Lisa<3

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    Katrin (Sunday, 09 April 2017 20:26)