I'm a mess...

A phrase that comes to my mind a lot lately. Whetever I just spilled my breakfast over my bed-sheets, forgot about that test I swore to study for or am simply just procrastinating about everything. Being the full-time daydreamer I am, I often find myself caught up in the deep  backs of my mind, stuck in a place far away from this one. "What?" People usually have to tell me everything twice. It's not that I don't want to listen, sometimes it's just hard to get out of my head for me. Eventually I might even say things without realising I'm talking at all....Those things mostly either make no sense or are the exact opposite of what I actually would have liked to say. And I sometimes feel like I even have a hidden superpower, whenever I walk past, things just randomly fall to the ground...

Being a bit unorganised sometimes, especially during school-weeks, I mostly gravitate towards simpler looks to wear. So a pair of denim-trousers and a black turtleneck are definitely some of my go to pieces! Also I've been loving to wear this brown belt lately, since it seems to add a bit of interest to any outfit paired with. I mostly wear this simple blue and silver necklace, it goes with almost everything... For shoes I pretty much just mostly throw on whatever somehow fits the outfit and is comfy. Of course I had to add a red lip to make this look even more classic and since I usually have no time in the morning for doing my hair, I tend to wear it down a lot... 

Being clumsy is not a bad thing, in fact my life wouldn't have been half as exciting if I was in full control... And one thing I learned is that however awkward and dumb a situation might feel, you can always make it a fun story to tell afterwards. 

To be honest this post originally was meant to be just some random thoughts of me write down for you to read. But then I figured why not talk about the outfit I am wearing in the pictures as well...This is a fashion-blog after all! Also I mostly shoot my outfit posts on weekends, on which I happen to wear much more overthought looks. And of course my outfits for school are much simpler, quickly put together and more comfy as well... I'm currently thinking about making "What I wore this month/week" posts, showing the looks I wear on casual weekdays.... Let me know in the comments if you would be interested in reading! :)



I hope you enjoyed reading and got a bit of inspiration from this post! Remember to stay positive!



Love Lisa<3

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    Katrin (Sunday, 23 April 2017 15:55)

    Such a fabulous post!!!

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    Fashion Blog (Saturday, 15 July 2017 16:23)

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