Isn't it funny how contrasts, opposites can make such a beautiful ensemble? Never thought of it? Well I didn't either till one day I realised how beautiful the flowers of spring looked above the old chipped paint wall. More and more I saw gorgeous looking contrasts all around me... The deep blue clouds of a thunderstorm in coming combined with bright sunlight, the mysterious blacks of the night-sky with all those clear glowing stars. Opposites are definitely not a bad thing at all in fact it makes things appear even more interesting. Just think about it...Would stars shine that bright if the sky wasn't black but white?

That's what my inspiration for this look was. Opposites. A feminine lace blouse and a pair of vintage men's pants. Actually a really simple combination indeed but attending a fashion school a sentence I hear at least once a week is "Less is more"! You don't have to go all out with crazy colours all the time to create an interesting outfit. Sometimes just playing with shapes, fabrics and little details like lace, is enough. Paired with this look I wore my beloved red TOMs, which are so comfortable to walk around in. I also added my straw bag since I was going on a picnic that day. Finally I clipped this beautiful little brooch, my friend Katrin gifted me, on a pocket of my pants.


I'm really excited to share this look with you, since I loved wearing it and I also really love the pictures we took of it! As you maybe have noticed I'm really focusing on fashion right now, mostly outfit posts to be exactly. That is because I truly enjoy playing with clothes and style, as well as it is easier for me to upload regularly since I still got a few weeks of school left. Wishing you all a beautiful day/night!



Love Lisa<3

Credits to Katrin for taking these lovely photos!

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