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Hi loves!

Today I decided to share this moodboard I created with you! It's basically a summary of my vibes, fashion and motivation right now... A lot of flowers, Paris and effortless looks going on. Since my current goal is to study in France one day, I've been really influenced by french style lately. I'm actually already dreaming about living in a small typical partisan apartment, enjoying a croissant and a cup of coffee on my balcony and watching the life on the streets below me. Just a daydream now but hopefully reality in a few years of time. This is honestly the one thing that always keeps me going on seemingly never-ending schooldays... 

Note: All photos are taken from the internet so credits go to the rightful owners

A few of my current goals...

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drink a warm class of water every morning 

spend less time on my phone

draw&paint more

be more thoughtful about what I say

smile more& just at random people

teach my self how to play the piano

only purchase sustainable clothes

care a little less&live a little more

learn about zodiac signs&the night sky 

learn how to speak french

Last but not least a few quotes for you guys....

When there's a storm you have three choices, hide from it, resist it or take the chance and fly.

Do not let an ordinary world convince you that you are not a strange,magical creature.

Start somewhere.

Dreaming big might not be enough but working hard and believing must be.

Nowadays people know the price of everything and the value of nothing. 



I highly recommend creating moodboards, since it really helps decluttering your mind and keeping  you inspired at the same time. Also taking a notebook and a pen wherever you go is a great thing to do as well...Writing down your thoughts whenever you feel the need to, you'll feel much 'fresher', more motivated and positive... (Or maybe it's just me?)


I hope you enjoyed this simple post! Have a beautiful day!



Love Lisa.

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    Em (Wednesday, 10 May 2017 21:39)

    AAAAAH I LOVE YOUR MOODBOARD POSTS �� also I find it really insteresting to read about your goals and what motivates you. :)
    I think I'll make a moodboard too. You kinda inspired me now. :)