Everyday Make-up

Something I haven't talked about in a while on here...make-up! As much as I love doing other people's make-up, I don't really like wearing a lot of it myself. Not to mention that I have no time in the morning to do a whole make-up look with colourful eyeshadow and winged liner...So my everyday-look is rather simple and light. Again as with fashion I enjoy a pretty effortless vibes when it comes to make-up.

I believe that make-up is about enhancing your beauty, that is already there, 

highlighting  your favourite features, to feel more comfortable,

more you, better in your own skin. You'll have to live with your face for the rest

of your life, don't try to hide it behind layers of make-up, don't try to fix it,

learn to love it.

Something that's already perfect doesn't need to be fixed.

Instead, frame it, if you like, with a bit of mascara or whatever you like.

Make-up isn't an essential to me, not something that

should be done perfectly, it's an art, and art isn't supposed

to be perfect.  


These are the things I use on a daily basis...

All of the products below are vegan&cruelty free. As well as they mostly have natural ingredients, since I do believe it's a lot better for my skin, than all things chemical.

BB-cream... I always start with applying it to my fresh washed face, before I put on anything else. It really helps moisturising my skin and evens out my tint as well. 

Eye brows... Next I like to fill in my brows. I just lightly fill them in with a brow-pencil, finishing with a tinted brow gel. I actually need to be really careful with this step, since I tend to look really evil when my brows are filled in to harshly...

Eyes... My favourite eye-shadow colour is definitely rose, I hardly ever leave the house without it actually. I don't bother with blending it perfectly or anything like that, since I think it looks much better when it's applied a bit more "messy". I finish off the eye-make-up with applying a bit of mascara, again being really careful with not over doing it.

I really am in love with this pallet from SLEEK "Vintage Romance", the colours are simply beautiful and great quality.

Finding a vegan&waterproof mascara was a bit tricky but  luckily I stumbled across this one just recently and have been quite happy with it so far...

Concealer... Mostly I skip this step, only using a bit of concealer to cover up a bit of acne and redness from time to time.

Let's finish... Lastly I use a bit of red lipstick to add some colour to my cheeks as well as I put on a bit of highlighter above my cheekbones. 

Et voila! That's about it for my daily make-up look. I hope you got a bit of inspiration!



Love Lisa<3

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