A little black dress

A fashion classic, staple and essential in every closet...A black dress! I always like to try out new things and force myself to step out of the comfort zone and the thought of wearing dresses has been messing me up a bit lately. So since the weather this Friday was really nice and I only had three classes that day, I figured why not wear a dress... I choose this beautiful black dress I found at a thrift store and I absolutely adore. The plisse skirt and the lace on the neck are two details of this piece that add a bit more interest. I also have to mention, that it fits me really well, like it has been tailored for me...;) To not look over the top I decided to just wear my black loafers and my everyday bag. Also not to forget my sunnies and my gold brooch, both things I rarely leave the house with out these days. Since it was a bit colder in the morning I threw on a blue knitted cardigan, which is not shown here. Something I loved about wearing this look is that I felt elegant and a bit mysterious (and like an evil queen) the whole time! I actually acted a bit more elegant the whole day, only through wearing the 'right' outfit... That's about it! Hope you enjoy and get a bit of inspiration! Also let me know in the comments what you think about this look. :)



Love Lisa<3

huge thanks to my sister for taking these pictures! 

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