My current summer-wardrobe

Hi loves! I finally was able to update my summer wardrobe a bit, all though I'm still laking a few pieces like shorts and sandals, I figured why not show you guys what exactly is in my seasonal wardrobe at the moment.

Here's a list of all the stuff...


-beige skirt 

-black skirt

-black flared pants

-grey pants 

-light grey ruffle shorts

-beige pants




-black lace detailed dress

-black A-line dress

-black button up dress

-creme shift dress

-white fitted dress



-creme Cardigan 

-blue Cardigan

-red Cardigan 






-white t-shirts (2)

-red tank top

-blue&white gingham cami

-deep blue lace&silk cami

-black tanks (quite a few)

-sleeveless blouses (2)

-green button-up tank

-red oversized t-shirt

-white shirt

-blue&white lace top

-black sleeveless blouse




-shoes: red TOMs

              black loafers 

              rose flats


              straw hat

              silk scarves

              rose sunnies

-bags: straw tote

            creme purse

            black purse

            creme shopper

            gold backpack

A few pictures...

So here are a few example pictures of what is in my wardrobe (it's not all of course), I might be updating this gallery every now and then through adding more photos...

All though I don't pay attention to only wearing certain colours, I find that most of my clothes fall under a certain colour palette. Consisting of 4 base colours (and grey), which are white, cream/beige, brown and black. I also like to call them neutrals and apparently I wear them a lot.

Only adding my accent colours every once in a while. Mostly if I wear a colour, it's a deep blue, but for summer I'm also planning on wearing lighter shades of it. An other tone I really enjoy wearing is red, a true classic, as well as a champagne/rosy shade of pink. And that's about it for colours in my closet!

Shop my wardrobe...

Since I mostly buy secondhand nowadays I only was able to list a few exact items below..If you're looking for building a unique wardrobe, I'd totally recommend checking out your local thrift-stores and even flea markets! You never know what treasures you might stumble up on....

I hope you enjoyed reading! Do you have a certain colour palette you dress in as well? Let me know in the comments! Thanks a lot for reading...Have a lovely day!



Love Lisa<3

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