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The world of fashions seems to be changing faster than ever. New trends come and go in rapid speed, prices are mostly either incredibly high or ridiculously low. So called fast fashion brands are taking over. Personally I'm not a fan of fast fashion, it's plainly not good for the environment, labor-workers and even for your own individual style. There actually a lot of documentaries out there you can watch to learn more, one of them is "The true cost", which you've probably heard of by now.   Obviously these cheap fast fashion clothes are not produced under fair conditions and I've been trying to avoid them since the beginning of this year. Which honestly not always is easy, since it does include a lot of research. Other than that I was able to discover a few cool brands which I wanted to share with you, since I find lists like this helpful myself. 

Here's a list of a few ethical/ sweatshop free brands...

  • theReformation -this brand is pretty popular at the moment& their stuff is a bit more pricier but other than an amazing brand I'd totally recommend checking out
  • ASOSmarketplace -a really great website on which secondhand as well as new items are sold by smaller brands and producers
  • Reclaimed Vintage -as much as I know of their items are made out of vintage fabric and produced in London
  • Hallhuber -a german brand that I really adore and highly recommend checking out 
  • PeopleTree -great basics+ pretty well known 
  • TOMs -comfy and basic shoes
  • MaisonCleo -a small brand form France; lovely stuff and produced in France
  • Guess -as far as I know sweatshop free as well
  • StellaMccartney -bit pricier but wanted to mention anyways (for cheaper deals you can purchase her items on theoutnet )

These are only a few brands&websites, there obviously are many more out there. I also wanted to mention that of course thrift-stores are a great option as well, especially if you're on a budged like me! Of course clothes are not the only thing made under unethical conditions but I am myself still slowly transitioning to a more ethical lifestyle and I decided to start this 'journey' with fashion. Hope this post was a bit helpful. Have a lovely day!


Love Lisa<3

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    Katrin (Friday, 16 June 2017 12:04)

    I absolutely agree! The fast fashion industry is causing a lot of damage.