Almost summer II lookbook

Hi loves!

I have to admit I'm actually excited for summer! And since I always find it difficult to keep up with style and fashion when it's hot out I created a few outfits for some inspiration and of course decided to share them with you. I think keeping things simple and 'basic' is always a good thing to do in summer, so the outfits below include no layering, hardly any accessories and comfy shoes. Also I'm usually always being even lazier than I already am in summer so these outfits are all suitable for just chilling in your room but are also chic enough to leave the house!

Hope you enjoy!

Flower next to the sea

Inspired by 90s movies and the beach, I created this look which in my opinion has a really chill vibe about it. Yet it has an elegant touch. Also only added these delicate heart shaped earrings for jewellery to keep the "Hey I just threw on whatever" vibes. Wearing your bathing suit as a top in summer for sure is a good idea, especially when going to the beach or pool!

Just hanging around

Of course summer-break is for relaxing and I don't know about you but I'll definitely will be having a lot of lazy days...So the next outfit was out together with those in mind, spending the day on your balcony, in your garden or at a friends house. Just hanging around.


White dresses and floppy heads are two of the most important pieces i my summer wardrobe. And the next outfit combines both. Added a woven bag, some sunnies and mules and you're ready for your summer picnic! 

Under the sun

Yellow is a colour I'm usually not really digging, so I actually surprised myself a bit when creating this look. I totally adore all of the items included in this outfit and it actually reminds me a bit of what a fairy would wear. 

Summer in the city

I usually always spend my free days at my parents house on the countryside, in the middle of nowhere. But when I actually do stay in the city on holidays, I'm always enchanted by how calm a usually seemingly restless city can be. All the people hustling around are basically gone, only a few are out to walk their dogs, everything is calm and peaceful... Short form: I love the vibes! So I obviously had to create an outfit with those kind of days in the city in mind.

Let's explore

Exploring is always a good thing to do. No needs to travel to a different country, in a world changing this fast, all you have to do is step out your house and go. You'll be surprised of how many new details you'll find in your neighbourhood. This outfit is totally something I would wear for a walk, flat shoes, a bright shirt, a small purse and of course sunnies!

That's it, I'd love to hear opinions below in the comments! And because I love creating these kind of posts I'll definitely be doing them more often the future! Have a lovely day!





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