Fashion inspiration I 90s

Hi loves! Todays post will be all about my recent biggest inspiration when it comes to fashion, which are the 90s. Of course I'm not a fan of everything worn in this decade but judging of what I saw in movies, on Pinterest and in old Vogue issues, I generally really like this area of fashion! To me all the examples showed below have a casual touch and seem to say "oh I'm just wearing whatever!" I'm also adoring the whole mom-jeans trend! Not only are they a lot more comfortable to wear than regular skinny jeans, but they also are a lot more flattering in my opinion! An other detail I noticed and liked is the material the tops seem to be made of. Which (again judging by the pictures I found) look like they all been made of thicker and higher quality materials than nowadays. 

I definitely will continue sourcing a lot of my summer fashion inspiration from this area! Since I usually prefer a rather laid back and relaxed look for this season! What's your favourite/most inspiring decade of fashion? Have a lovely week!




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