A few things I've learned

Hi loves! I decided to do a little inspiration/life kind of post today. Although I'm all basically still a kid, there're already quite a few things I've learned so far.

Don't care too much... About school, looks, your instagram feed and more! Because things like that really don't matter at all!  Not in the slightest to be honest, I'm not saying you shouldn't study for tests or try to look your best, just don't beat yourself up for it. Instead rather focus on being a kind person.

Wear whatever you like... No matter if it's an overdone trend or a big no-go for others just wearing what makes you happy is the way to go. And actually the easiest way to develop your own personal style.

Cut the word "hate" out of your vocabulary...Now this one was brought to me by a friend of mine, and when I started to focus on not using the word hate so much, I realised that I in fact don't really hate anything or anyone. Of course I don't really like things sometimes but that doesn't mean I hate them.

If you fall...As a extremely clumsy person, who happens to stumble and fall a lot, not to mention my awkwardness I always try to laugh it off, make a fun story out of it to tell my friends... So whatever embarrassing thing happens to me, I try to never ever feel bad about it or beat myself up, because I'll soon be laughing about it anyways! 

Less is more...No matter in terms of make-up, fashion, hair, food etc... I'm just enjoying simple things more.

No need to grow up so fast...I'm only 15 and am perfectly fine with that no need to wish I was adult already! I mean I'm not a teenager for ever and compared to the rest of my life it's a really short time span...What I'm trying to say is that I always try to act my age or at least put no effort in acting more mature. Just trying to embrace my age because I'm only 15 for the short time of a year!

OK thats all I can think about right now... It's not a lot but I thought I'd share anyways! More fashion related posts will be up soon! Till then have a lovely week!




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