What to pack for a weekend away

Packing is hard for me, better say I hate it. I used to be a huge over-packer but traveling between town and country a lot I'd like to think I have gotten a lot better with it. Inspiration and tips on this topic I find are still quite rare these days, I often caught myself rummaging through all kinds of social media with only little satisfying results. And so I thought why not make it my own task to create useful inspiration for all those clueless travellers out there. Here it comes...

Of course the first thing you'll need are clothes. Honestly this always was and still is the biggest struggle for me. But I managed to trim it down to just a few staple items that I can all easily fit into a weekender or even a big tote bag. Unless you are attending a special event, the art of just throwing whatever in your travel bag, is usually (at least for me) the best way to pack. I always try my best to pack with out thinking too much, still I mostly find myself following a similar "packing pattern". So here's a quick run through the things I usually like to pack for a weekend at my parents'.

  • a graphic tee- it's an allrounder, it can be worn as loungewear and makes the perfect accent piece for a casual look
  • a sweater- always freezing an essential for me, especially in the colder seasons
  • a blouse- again another essential of mine, it can be worn around the house, tea at my great-grandma's or even a party (though I never attend any)
  • a pair of jeans- pretty self explanatory
  • your pair of favourite boots
  • your everyday bag- (obvious)
  • jewellery- not too much though, just pack a pair of earrings and a cute necklace
  • a warm and versatile jacket- don't bring a statement piece unless it 100% goes with the rest of the clothes you packed

Note: Of course stuff like the boots, bag, jacket and jeans don't go into your travel bag, but are worn for travelling itself, therefore you'll only have to fit 2-3 tops and your jewellery. You're welcome.

Definitely let me know whet-ever you would be interested to read about packing beauty and cosmetic items as well. This post might be the beginning of a new series on packing in general. Hope you're all having a wonderful and cozy weekend. 



(PS: there might be a lot of spelling mistakes this post and I am truly sorry for that)

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