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11. November 2017
Let's be real, packing is hard.

31. July 2017
Hi loves! Since summer break is already halfway over and I'm kind of excited for school(yes!) I decided to put together a few back to school inspired outfits. I'm honestly not planning on putting any effort into my outfits on a daily basis, but it's always good to have inspiration right?!

01. July 2017
Hi loves! I'm sorry for being a bit inactive on here, but now that I'm on summer-break I'll hopefully will be able to upload more often! Mostly I'm planning on doing shorter posts like this...Since I recently started a youtube-channel and I'll be posting more indent contend on there.

26. June 2017
Hi loves! Todays post will be all about my recent biggest inspiration when it comes to fashion, which are the 90s. Of course I'm not a fan of everything worn in this decade but judging of what I saw in movies, on Pinterest and in old Vogue issues, I generally really like this area of fashion! To me all the examples showed below have a casual touch and seem to say "oh I'm just wearing whatever!" I'm also adoring the whole mom-jeans trend! Not only are they a lot more comfortable to wear than...

15. June 2017
Hi loves! I have to admit I'm actually excited for summer! And since I always find it difficult to keep up with style and fashion when it's hot out I created a few outfits for some inspiration and of course decided to share them with you. I think keeping things simple and 'basic' is always a good thing to do in summer, so the outfits below include no layering, hardly any accessories and comfy shoes. Also I'm usually always being even lazier than I already am in summer so these outfits are all...

11. June 2017
The world of fashions seems to be changing faster than ever. New trends come and go in rapid speed, prices are mostly either incredibly high or ridiculously low. So called fast fashion brands are taking over. Personally I'm not a fan of fast fashion, it's plainly not good for the environment, labor-workers and even for your own individual style. There actually a lot of documentaries out there you can watch to learn more, one of them is "The true cost", which you've probably heard of by now....

06. June 2017
Hi loves! I finally was able to update my summer wardrobe a bit, all though I'm still laking a few pieces like shorts and sandals, I figured why not show you guys what exactly is in my seasonal wardrobe at the moment.

31. May 2017
Hi loves! Summer is just around the corner and I must admit I'm not prepared at all for it! Surprised by the heat this Monday it was quite stressful to pick out a suitable outfit that still matched my style. Thankfully I thought about these beige pants, that due to the thiner material kind of worked well with the weather. Of course being casual as always I just threw on a simple black top. To not look too basic I went for my beloved red TOMs, also added my sunnies and blue necklace. My bag that...

28. May 2017
Isn't it crazy how fast time goes by? I feel like the school year has just started but in fact it's almost summer now. Just a few more weeks and then it's over, done, finished. Summer. Freedom, finally! Looking back I'm thankful I was able to experience the past year. I met many new lovely people, made new friends and stepped out of my comfortzone a lot. Still I'm really exhausted and find myself unmotivated quite often. So what's the best thing to keep one motivated? Of course a moodboard! I...

25. May 2017
Hi loves! This post is another wishlist of mine. Again as always with these kind of posts, don't take it too seriously, I'm perfectly happy and thankful for what I have. But since I enjoy fashion and adding random things to my cart without actually buying them I decided to make this post. This time the stuff shown here is more 'realistic' for me to purchase since not that expensive and sweatshop-free. Also I've been thrifting a lot lately and am thinking of doing a haul on the things I found...

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