Everyday Make-up

Something I haven't talked about in a while on here...make-up! As much as I love doing other people's make-up, I don't really like wearing a lot of it myself. Not to mention that I have no time in the morning to do a whole make-up look with colourful eyeshadow and winged liner...So my everyday-look is rather simple and light. Again as with fashion I enjoy a pretty effortless vibes when it comes to make-up.

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Red rose

Hi loves! This post is going to be about one of my recent go-to make-up look, which I've really been loving to wear. Even though this whole look is fairly easy to do I decided to describe a little bit how I achieved it...


Nothing is more classic and sophisticated than a simple red lip and paired with a messy knot and the right amount of rosy eyeshadow it actually makes a really unique-look... 

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just a little spark

Make up really seems to be a bland everyday thing theses days...We tend to just quickly slap it on in the morning maybe because we feel like it's a necessity to look pretty. Maybe we simple put it on without thinking, following our routines. To me this is kind of sad, make up really shouldn't be something that makes beauty, not just a mask to put on when we feel ugly. I believe it is or at least should be so much more than that... In my opinion it's supposed to enhance, to express your personality, to be art... I am honestly as well not a big fan of thick eyeliner, harshly filled in brows, contouring and all that stuff... I think make up should be as natural as possible, not hiding your features but then again I like to add some spark.... Hopefully you'll find some inspiration through this post...Enjoy reading dreamers....

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A little bit different

Hi lovelies!

I've finally decided to blog about beauty related things as well... And I'm really excited for it because lately I've really been getting into Make up again... So I teamed up with Katrin and we both did a little Make up look for you... They both have a little twist to them, they are definitely both not your basic everyday Make up... 

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