A few back to school looks

Hi loves! Since summer break is already halfway over and I'm kind of excited for school(yes!) I decided to put together a few back to school inspired outfits. I'm honestly not planning on putting any effort into my outfits on a daily basis, but it's always good to have inspiration right?!

So as you can tell I'm kind of into mom jeans and inspired 90s fashion at the moment...Yeah that's all I can think of right now, hope I was able to inspire some of you out there! 




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Summer outfits Ipart II

Hi loves! I'm sorry for being a bit inactive on here, but now that I'm on summer-break I'll hopefully will be able to upload more often! Mostly I'm planning on doing shorter posts like this...Since I recently started a youtube-channel and I'll be posting more indent contend on there. 

So these looks are all suitable for a summer-heatwave and are all more on the casual/ lazy day kind of side. Hope you enjoy and get a bit of inspiration from it!




Fashion inspiration I 90s

Hi loves! Todays post will be all about my recent biggest inspiration when it comes to fashion, which are the 90s. Of course I'm not a fan of everything worn in this decade but judging of what I saw in movies, on Pinterest and in old Vogue issues, I generally really like this area of fashion! To me all the examples showed below have a casual touch and seem to say "oh I'm just wearing whatever!" I'm also adoring the whole mom-jeans trend! Not only are they a lot more comfortable to wear than regular skinny jeans, but they also are a lot more flattering in my opinion! An other detail I noticed and liked is the material the tops seem to be made of. Which (again judging by the pictures I found) look like they all been made of thicker and higher quality materials than nowadays. 

I definitely will continue sourcing a lot of my summer fashion inspiration from this area! Since I usually prefer a rather laid back and relaxed look for this season! What's your favourite/most inspiring decade of fashion? Have a lovely week!





Almost summer II lookbook

Hi loves!

I have to admit I'm actually excited for summer! And since I always find it difficult to keep up with style and fashion when it's hot out I created a few outfits for some inspiration and of course decided to share them with you. I think keeping things simple and 'basic' is always a good thing to do in summer, so the outfits below include no layering, hardly any accessories and comfy shoes. Also I'm usually always being even lazier than I already am in summer so these outfits are all suitable for just chilling in your room but are also chic enough to leave the house!

Hope you enjoy!

Flower next to the sea

Inspired by 90s movies and the beach, I created this look which in my opinion has a really chill vibe about it. Yet it has an elegant touch. Also only added these delicate heart shaped earrings for jewellery to keep the "Hey I just threw on whatever" vibes. Wearing your bathing suit as a top in summer for sure is a good idea, especially when going to the beach or pool!

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how to: shop more ethical

The world of fashions seems to be changing faster than ever. New trends come and go in rapid speed, prices are mostly either incredibly high or ridiculously low. So called fast fashion brands are taking over. Personally I'm not a fan of fast fashion, it's plainly not good for the environment, labor-workers and even for your own individual style. There actually a lot of documentaries out there you can watch to learn more, one of them is "The true cost", which you've probably heard of by now.   Obviously these cheap fast fashion clothes are not produced under fair conditions and I've been trying to avoid them since the beginning of this year. Which honestly not always is easy, since it does include a lot of research. Other than that I was able to discover a few cool brands which I wanted to share with you, since I find lists like this helpful myself. 

Here's a list of a few ethical/ sweatshop free brands...

  • theReformation -this brand is pretty popular at the moment& their stuff is a bit more pricier but other than an amazing brand I'd totally recommend checking out
  • ASOSmarketplace -a really great website on which secondhand as well as new items are sold by smaller brands and producers
  • Reclaimed Vintage -as much as I know of their items are made out of vintage fabric and produced in London
  • Hallhuber -a german brand that I really adore and highly recommend checking out 
  • PeopleTree -great basics+ pretty well known 
  • TOMs -comfy and basic shoes
  • MaisonCleo -a small brand form France; lovely stuff and produced in France
  • Guess -as far as I know sweatshop free as well
  • StellaMccartney -bit pricier but wanted to mention anyways (for cheaper deals you can purchase her items on theoutnet )
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My current summer-wardrobe

Hi loves! I finally was able to update my summer wardrobe a bit, all though I'm still laking a few pieces like shorts and sandals, I figured why not show you guys what exactly is in my seasonal wardrobe at the moment.

Here's a list of all the stuff...


-beige skirt 

-black skirt

-black flared pants

-grey pants 

-light grey ruffle shorts

-beige pants




-black lace detailed dress

-black A-line dress

-black button up dress

-creme shift dress

-white fitted dress



-creme Cardigan 

-blue Cardigan

-red Cardigan 






-white t-shirts (2)

-red tank top

-blue&white gingham cami

-deep blue lace&silk cami

-black tanks (quite a few)

-sleeveless blouses (2)

-green button-up tank

-red oversized t-shirt

-white shirt

-blue&white lace top

-black sleeveless blouse




-shoes: red TOMs

              black loafers 

              rose flats


              straw hat

              silk scarves

              rose sunnies

-bags: straw tote

            creme purse

            black purse

            creme shopper

            gold backpack

A few pictures...

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Well Hello Summer...IIOOTD

Hi loves! Summer is just around the corner and I must admit I'm not prepared at all for it! Surprised by the heat this Monday it was quite stressful to pick out a suitable outfit that still matched my style. Thankfully I thought about these beige pants, that due to the thiner material kind of worked well with the weather. Of course being casual as always I just threw on a simple black top. To not look too basic I went for my beloved red TOMs, also added my sunnies and blue necklace. My bag that day was my straw bag, which in my opinion went pretty well with the whole vibes of this look. (Also fitted all the stuff I needed for school). Being a autumn and winter loving person, I feel kind of lost with fashion in summer. Not to mention the lack of dresses and skirts in my closet... Thanks for reading, hope you enjoy& have a lovely rest of the week! 



Love Lisa<3

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Almost done II a moodboard

Isn't it crazy how fast time goes by? I feel like the school year has just started but in fact it's almost summer now. Just a few more weeks and then it's over, done, finished. Summer. Freedom, finally! Looking back I'm thankful I was able to experience the past year. I met many new lovely people, made new friends and stepped out of my comfortzone a lot. Still I'm really exhausted and find myself unmotivated quite often. So what's the best thing to keep one motivated? Of course a moodboard! I created the one below as a little inspiration to keep me going as well as it might be able to inspire some of you to create your own "motivational-moodboard". Hope you enjoy this short post!


Love Lisa<3


Late Spring/ Summer wishlist

Hi loves! This post is another wishlist of mine. Again as always with these kind of posts, don't take it too seriously, I'm perfectly happy and thankful for what I have. But since I enjoy fashion and adding random things to my cart without actually buying them I decided to make this post. This time the stuff shown here is more 'realistic' for me to purchase since not that expensive and sweatshop-free. Also I've been thrifting a lot lately and am thinking of doing a haul on the things I found the last few months...Let me know if you'd be interest in reading! Hope you enjoy this post& get a bit of inspiration. 



Love Lisa<3


note: A few things are a bit on the pricy side which I of course can't afford to invest in yet!


A little black dress

A fashion classic, staple and essential in every closet...A black dress! I always like to try out new things and force myself to step out of the comfort zone and the thought of wearing dresses has been messing me up a bit lately. So since the weather this Friday was really nice and I only had three classes that day, I figured why not wear a dress... I choose this beautiful black dress I found at a thrift store and I absolutely adore. The plisse skirt and the lace on the neck are two details of this piece that add a bit more interest. I also have to mention, that it fits me really well, like it has been tailored for me...;) To not look over the top I decided to just wear my black loafers and my everyday bag. Also not to forget my sunnies and my gold brooch, both things I rarely leave the house with out these days. Since it was a bit colder in the morning I threw on a blue knitted cardigan, which is not shown here. Something I loved about wearing this look is that I felt elegant and a bit mysterious (and like an evil queen) the whole time! I actually acted a bit more elegant the whole day, only through wearing the 'right' outfit... That's about it! Hope you enjoy and get a bit of inspiration! Also let me know in the comments what you think about this look. :)



Love Lisa<3

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Two of my favourite colours, deep blue and creme combined in an outfit. Blue like the night sky, like the ocean, two seemingly endless, mysterious and unexplored worlds. Creme like the facades of old architecture, like dried up grass in summer, like the sun light hitting my white bed sheets every morning. So of course I was really excited about this look. To start up my silky, lace detailed shirt was just bought last week and I've actually been looking for one like this for quite a while now. My pants, where found at one of my favourite secondhand stores in Vienna. They're really comfortable, though a bit too short for me. I was planning on pairing this look with my sunnies but the weather had other plans...RAIN. So I simple pulled out my mom's old rain jacket, which happened to go kind of well with the outfit. I also added my big grey bag to throw all my stuff in, and to keep all attentions on the combination of creme and blue I decided to go for black and white loafers. My hair of course was down and I was wearing just a bit of make up. I hope you enjoy this post! Have a beautiful day!



Love Lisa<3

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Isn't it funny how contrasts, opposites can make such a beautiful ensemble? Never thought of it? Well I didn't either till one day I realised how beautiful the flowers of spring looked above the old chipped paint wall. More and more I saw gorgeous looking contrasts all around me... The deep blue clouds of a thunderstorm in coming combined with bright sunlight, the mysterious blacks of the night-sky with all those clear glowing stars. Opposites are definitely not a bad thing at all in fact it makes things appear even more interesting. Just think about it...Would stars shine that bright if the sky wasn't black but white?

That's what my inspiration for this look was. Opposites. A feminine lace blouse and a pair of vintage men's pants. Actually a really simple combination indeed but attending a fashion school a sentence I hear at least once a week is "Less is more"! You don't have to go all out with crazy colours all the time to create an interesting outfit. Sometimes just playing with shapes, fabrics and little details like lace, is enough. Paired with this look I wore my beloved red TOMs, which are so comfortable to walk around in. I also added my straw bag since I was going on a picnic that day. Finally I clipped this beautiful little brooch, my friend Katrin gifted me, on a pocket of my pants.


I'm really excited to share this look with you, since I loved wearing it and I also really love the pictures we took of it! As you maybe have noticed I'm really focusing on fashion right now, mostly outfit posts to be exactly. That is because I truly enjoy playing with clothes and style, as well as it is easier for me to upload regularly since I still got a few weeks of school left. Wishing you all a beautiful day/night!



Love Lisa<3

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City trip

I'm a city person. Although I pretty much grew up on the countryside,  I feel much more alive in the city. Maybe it's because I feel more free, maybe it's my love for architecture. But the main reason after all are the endless sources of inspiration. No matter if it's people I see on the streets, art galleries to visit, enchanting parks and palaces or the many interesting places to explore... Sadly I'm busy with school all day long most of the time so I don't get to explore Vienna that often. But luckily I was able to visit some art galleries and walk through the first district with my aunt just recently! Since exploring is not only fun but a bit exhausting, I decided to go for a simple and comfy look that day. Bringing around my camera I needed a big bag to throw it into, so I picked up this creme shopper...I totally have been loving the effortless vibe it gives to any outfit paired with. Definitely on the hunt for a better quality one! The turtleneck and the pants were chosen because I wanted to be as comfy as possible (as pretty much everyday)...Since I'm a bit obsessed with pairing everything with a belt and both the top and the pants are a bit big on me, I couldn't miss out on it either. As well as I added my small blue necklace for a bit more colour. I threw on my trench coat and a pair of black loafers to finish of the look and still keep things simple... 

Hope you like this little outfit post!


Love Lisa<3


(Huge thanks to my aunt for taking such amazing pictures!)

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I'm a mess...

A phrase that comes to my mind a lot lately. Whetever I just spilled my breakfast over my bed-sheets, forgot about that test I swore to study for or am simply just procrastinating about everything. Being the full-time daydreamer I am, I often find myself caught up in the deep  backs of my mind, stuck in a place far away from this one. "What?" People usually have to tell me everything twice. It's not that I don't want to listen, sometimes it's just hard to get out of my head for me. Eventually I might even say things without realising I'm talking at all....Those things mostly either make no sense or are the exact opposite of what I actually would have liked to say. And I sometimes feel like I even have a hidden superpower, whenever I walk past, things just randomly fall to the ground...

Being a bit unorganised sometimes, especially during school-weeks, I mostly gravitate towards simpler looks to wear. So a pair of denim-trousers and a black turtleneck are definitely some of my go to pieces! Also I've been loving to wear this brown belt lately, since it seems to add a bit of interest to any outfit paired with. I mostly wear this simple blue and silver necklace, it goes with almost everything... For shoes I pretty much just mostly throw on whatever somehow fits the outfit and is comfy. Of course I had to add a red lip to make this look even more classic and since I usually have no time in the morning for doing my hair, I tend to wear it down a lot... 

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Like the weather (style talk)

Hi loves! This post is going to be all about my personal  style...I really like reading and listening to other people talking about their style and it always inspires me. And since I'd love to help inspiring others through my blog I decided to write about it myself...

Growing up (I am still a kid though...) I really was into bright and intense colours and I actually refused to wear anything dark coloured or not colourful at all. I think my style changed a lot in terms of colours through out the years, since nowadays I usually stick to neutrale tones and just adding a dash of colour through accessories. But other than the small lack of colours I'd say my style is really mixed and changes a lot. For example one day I might feel like wearing an old tee I sneaked out of my dad's closet and a pair of mom-jeans and the other I might feel like throwing on a flowy dress... When it comes to my style inspirations there's just as much variety, but mostly it's the following who inspire me... 

Old street photography, of Marilyn Monroe, Jane Birkin and other icons and even random people...

Paris, I've only been there once but I can't deny I am in love...

Books, movies and random photographs I stumble across no matter if it's on the internet or in magazines...

Of course there're many more things I get inspired by and the things above are just a few examples!

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Hint of mystery

Mysterious...The night-sky has to be one of my favourite things, it's just so fascinating to me how endless it seems, that stars we see as bright lights now might have been already gone for thousands of years...Maybe that's why I especially love wearing this look. The top, the earrings, everything about it just really reminds me of the deep blue world. And maybe I've been adoring to wear blue tones lately for the exact same reason. I also felt very mysterious in this outfit, which is always a good thing for me, as well as it literally screams "daydreamer" to me.

Now despite being so amazing to me this look was actually easy to put together...I simply wanted to wear my favourite top in this lovely blue colour, paired it with a pair of flowy black pants and my trench-coat. Added some silver earrings, my beige bag (as always) and some black loafers. Et Volia! 

I've no more words to describe how much I love this look but I hope you enjoy this post anyways! Have a lovely day!



Love Lisa<3

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Like a pirate

"You look like a pirate!" was the first thing my sister said as I opened the door to my room on Sunday morning. "But a cool one though" she added quickly. While dressing up I totally didn't have the intentions to pull off a pirate-look, more like a classic vintage vibed kind of thing, well failed that one... But I actually accidentally created a pretty cool outfit... When picking out my clothes I decided to be as comfy as possible, so I picked up a pair of loose black pants, and a super soft and simple t-shirt. I really felt like wearing a belt that day though and soon found myself browsing through a bag of old clothes. Luckily I was able to actually fing one. That's when a 'I want to be comfy' look turned into a 'Hi I'm a pirate' look I guess... I also added a blue necklace and some sunglasses for accessories as well as I threw on a pair of brown boots and of course my straw bag... I must say I totally am loving the vibes of this look. And wearing this outfit made me feel a lot more sassy than I actually am. A fun effect of fashion, it really can make you feel a certain way... I hope you enjoy this post and are getting a bit of inspiration!



Love Lisa<3

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some spring outfits

Hi loves!

Today I have yet another post about fashion for you! But this time it's not an outfit-post, I put together 5 spring looks, for a bit of inspiration... Something about picking out clothes just is so calming to me and I absolutely adore doing it of course. I love spring fashion as well but sometimes I find it a bit hard to find something to wear in the morning and that's when posts like this are really helpful to me... And so I decided to do one myself, to help inspire  others!

Parisian morning

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Ever since I was little I was always told snowdrops are the first sign of spring...So whenever I spot one I get really excited! They are the first flowers to bloom and as you maybe know I absolutley love flowers! I have to be honest with you, when picking out this outfit I didn't really have the intention to make it snowdrop inspired it just kind of happened...And I only realised how much this look reminds me of the little flower when we found a huge field of them while shooting! However I definitely wanted to make this look as spring and flower related as possible from the beginning on. That's why I decided to wear this white blouse-like shirt with it's lace detailing... For pants I simply went for a pair of loose fitted black pants which to me kind of have an old-fashioned-spring vibe to them... Of course I added my beloved beige bag and my trench coat to make the look complete and so I won't freeze. I think it's kind of funny how I absolutely love fashion and style but prefer wearing simpler outfits... I guess going all out just isn't really for me, I feel much more comfortable in pants and a simple blouse.... Less is more seems to be a motto I can relate to a lot when it comes to fashion and make up!

Hope you enjoyed reading and got a bit of inspiration! :)



Love Lisa<3

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A haul(Vintage-loves #1)

Hi lovelies!



I'm really excited to introduce this new series to you! It's basically all about Vintage and Second-hand clothing since I've been adoring both a lot lately. So I'm planning on doing maybe one or two posts a month for it, which will be hauls, lookbooks, outfits etc... Of course I'm starting with a haul first! (obviously)

The following items have been collected within the last few months mostly. Some (one....) have been bought at second-hand stores but most of them are old clothes out of my relatives closets... Browsing through the backs of other people's wardrobes has been my favourite thing to do lately...All kinds of interesting, unique pieces, they're for free plus it's a form of recycling so it's good for the environment as well! A win-win situation.

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