Hi loves! Since summer is obviously just around the corner and I've spent my weekend outside in the garden mostly I felt really inspired to write. I wouldn't call it a poem or anything like that it's just some thoughts, which came across my mind when watching the birds on a beautiful Friday evening. Also I decided to add these pictures which I think turned out really pretty (mostly because my friend Katrin is a talented photographer). I will hopefully be able to focus more on blogging once school slows down a bit...However let me know if I should do more posts like this in the comments! Hope you enjoy...



Love Lisa<3 

Lying on the ground. Eyes locked on the sky. Beautiful clouds, white and grey all over my head, moving fast, never slowing down. A few sun rays illuminate the evening sky. Birds fly up high, dancing to a never ending song of their own voices. Some are far away only small dots between soft clouds, others pass by just above the ground. The sky itself is painted in the prettiest shades of blue, bright, full of life and energy. Green grass next to me, somewhere near my dog is watching the birds, absorbing just like me. 

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    Katrin (Wednesday, 31 May 2017 16:18)

    Thanks for all of the inspiration!!! Ps: you are a really talented photographer too!!!�♥️