What to pack for a weekend away

Packing is hard for me, better say I hate it. I used to be a huge over-packer but traveling between town and country a lot I'd like to think I have gotten a lot better with it. Inspiration and tips on this topic I find are still quite rare these days, I often caught myself rummaging through all kinds of social media with only little satisfying results. And so I thought why not make it my own task to create useful inspiration for all those clueless travellers out there. Here it comes...

Of course the first thing you'll need are clothes. Honestly this always was and still is the biggest struggle for me. But I managed to trim it down to just a few staple items that I can all easily fit into a weekender or even a big tote bag. Unless you are attending a special event, the art of just throwing whatever in your travel bag, is usually (at least for me) the best way to pack. I always try my best to pack with out thinking too much, still I mostly find myself following a similar "packing pattern". So here's a quick run through the things I usually like to pack for a weekend at my parents'.

  • a graphic tee- it's an allrounder, it can be worn as loungewear and makes the perfect accent piece for a casual look
  • a sweater- always freezing an essential for me, especially in the colder seasons
  • a blouse- again another essential of mine, it can be worn around the house, tea at my great-grandma's or even a party (though I never attend any)
  • a pair of jeans- pretty self explanatory
  • your pair of favourite boots
  • your everyday bag- (obvious)
  • jewellery- not too much though, just pack a pair of earrings and a cute necklace
  • a warm and versatile jacket- don't bring a statement piece unless it 100% goes with the rest of the clothes you packed

Note: Of course stuff like the boots, bag, jacket and jeans don't go into your travel bag, but are worn for travelling itself, therefore you'll only have to fit 2-3 tops and your jewellery. You're welcome.

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A few back to school looks

Hi loves! Since summer break is already halfway over and I'm kind of excited for school(yes!) I decided to put together a few back to school inspired outfits. I'm honestly not planning on putting any effort into my outfits on a daily basis, but it's always good to have inspiration right?!

So as you can tell I'm kind of into mom jeans and inspired 90s fashion at the moment...Yeah that's all I can think of right now, hope I was able to inspire some of you out there! 




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Summer outfits Ipart II

Hi loves! I'm sorry for being a bit inactive on here, but now that I'm on summer-break I'll hopefully will be able to upload more often! Mostly I'm planning on doing shorter posts like this...Since I recently started a youtube-channel and I'll be posting more indent contend on there. 

So these looks are all suitable for a summer-heatwave and are all more on the casual/ lazy day kind of side. Hope you enjoy and get a bit of inspiration from it!




Fashion inspiration I 90s

Hi loves! Todays post will be all about my recent biggest inspiration when it comes to fashion, which are the 90s. Of course I'm not a fan of everything worn in this decade but judging of what I saw in movies, on Pinterest and in old Vogue issues, I generally really like this area of fashion! To me all the examples showed below have a casual touch and seem to say "oh I'm just wearing whatever!" I'm also adoring the whole mom-jeans trend! Not only are they a lot more comfortable to wear than regular skinny jeans, but they also are a lot more flattering in my opinion! An other detail I noticed and liked is the material the tops seem to be made of. Which (again judging by the pictures I found) look like they all been made of thicker and higher quality materials than nowadays. 

I definitely will continue sourcing a lot of my summer fashion inspiration from this area! Since I usually prefer a rather laid back and relaxed look for this season! What's your favourite/most inspiring decade of fashion? Have a lovely week!





Almost summer II lookbook

Hi loves!

I have to admit I'm actually excited for summer! And since I always find it difficult to keep up with style and fashion when it's hot out I created a few outfits for some inspiration and of course decided to share them with you. I think keeping things simple and 'basic' is always a good thing to do in summer, so the outfits below include no layering, hardly any accessories and comfy shoes. Also I'm usually always being even lazier than I already am in summer so these outfits are all suitable for just chilling in your room but are also chic enough to leave the house!

Hope you enjoy!

Flower next to the sea

Inspired by 90s movies and the beach, I created this look which in my opinion has a really chill vibe about it. Yet it has an elegant touch. Also only added these delicate heart shaped earrings for jewellery to keep the "Hey I just threw on whatever" vibes. Wearing your bathing suit as a top in summer for sure is a good idea, especially when going to the beach or pool!

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