Late Spring/ Summer wishlist

Hi loves! This post is another wishlist of mine. Again as always with these kind of posts, don't take it too seriously, I'm perfectly happy and thankful for what I have. But since I enjoy fashion and adding random things to my cart without actually buying them I decided to make this post. This time the stuff shown here is more 'realistic' for me to purchase since not that expensive and sweatshop-free. Also I've been thrifting a lot lately and am thinking of doing a haul on the things I found the last few months...Let me know if you'd be interest in reading! Hope you enjoy this post& get a bit of inspiration. 



Love Lisa<3


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Spring 2017  fashion wish-list

Flowers are starting to bloom, days get longer again, the sun shines brighter everyday....No doubt spring is right around the corner! And since I am most excited for spring because of it's fashion (and flowers) this post will be just me sharing my current wish list with you guys!

But first I want to make clear that I'm a bit weird and I love browsing through expensive  online stores (net-a-porter etc...) and just screen-shot or save things I like. So by no means are these clothes I could afford buying anytime soon...Basically it's just me and my daydreams;)

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